At only 14 years old, singer/songwriter, Dollie Meredith, is debuting her first single, “Smile”. Dollie signed an artist development deal with MegaBite Music Group in 2017 where she began cultivating her sound with award winning, multi-platinum selling, songwriter and producer, Anthony Little, and former RCA/BNA recording artist, songwriter and producer, Jennifer Day.  “Songs flow from Dollie effortlessly,” explains Jennifer.  “She broaches difficult tween topics with courage and compassion. She has a calling to lift the spirits of those around her, and that is what makes her music so powerful.”  


Dollie has spent the past two years training at the renowned, Nashville, TN based Brett Manning Studios.  Brett Manning is best known for his work with Taylor Swift, Leona Lewis and Keith Urban. “We will never forget the phone call from Brett Manning Studios from an ecstatic coach informing us of her impressive 6 and a half octave range,” shares Anthony Little. “It always excites me to work with artists that work harder than I do. It shows a real level of commitment necessary for success in this industry.”  With a contagious, positive energy and a strong message of hope, Dollie’s unique vision came to life as she collaborated with a variety of street musicians, student musicians, studio musicians and producers for the production of “Smile".  

Dollie’s creative team grew in 2018 with the addition of Linda Lopez, international social media marketer and manager of Cover Nation who has collectively secured over 50 million views for her clients’ music videos.  “Dollie has a natural performance ability,” explains Linda (who  


is also the video producer for Dollie’s YouTube channel).  “She is exemplary for her age group by inspiring a positive outlook.”  So inspiring, in fact, that her infectious song and it’s well produced music video enticed the St. Petersburg Film Commission to endorse the music video for “Smile”. 


Alabama born and raised, Dollie Meredith is the youngest of four siblings.  She often turned to music for solace and comfort growing up.  She especially relied on her music once her older brother left for the military.  “Music really got me through some tough times, whether it was criticism from schoolmates, or missing my brother, music is the one thing that restores me……” 


Anticipating the release of “Smile”, Dollie is overjoyed knowing that her music, embodying her message of hope, will somehow, even if in just a small way, make the world a better place.


Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Candy: toss up between Almond Joy and Skittles

Favorite food: cucumbers (yes really!), green beans, and chips & queso

Her playlist:  Boy George (she knows EVERY lyric!), Chance the Rapper, the Go-Gos, Mumford & Sons, Drake, Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande. 

Favorite shows: Gilmore Girls, Grey’s Anatomy and Friends